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Saturday, 2/25/2017
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Center Line Public Schools feature multiple enrollment options to fit the needs of In-District and Macomb County residents.  We firmly believe we a have place and a program for every student.  Read on to find out which option is right for you.

Note: Online Registration and Record Update for Current, Returning AND New students can be found: HERE

1. In-District Enrollment (for residents of Center Line and parts of Warren)

School-BuildingIf you live within the district's boundarys (see DISTRICT MAP), then you are considered a resident of the Center Line Public School district.  In-district residents may enroll at any time during the school year, pending the availability of our Pupil Services Office.  To confirm availability, and for a complete list of instructions and documents required, please see our District Residents enrollment page HERE (or @ Parents & Community ==> District Residents)


2. Unlimited Kindergarten Registration (for Macomb County residents)

Kid_Painting_ClipartIf your child will be 5 by September 1, 2017, they are eligible to attend FULL-DAY Kindergarten next year. Center Line is a SCHOOL OF CHOICE DISTRICT for Macomb County residents for Kindergarten. To learn more, see the Kindergarten Registration page HERE (or @ Parents & Community ==> Full-Day Kindergarten)


3. Limited School of Choice, Grades 1-12 (for Macomb County residents)

school_choiceCenter Line is a SCHOOL OF CHOICE DISTRICT for Macomb County residents in grades 1-12, and had  LIMITED OPENINGS FOR 6-12 ONLY in the Winter/Spring term - Application deadline was Monday January 9, 2017 (by 4pm).  The list of open seats for Winter/Spring 2016-2017 is as follows:

1st Grade = 0        
4th Grade = 0     
7th Grade = 22     
10th Grade = 5    
2nd Grade = 0     
5th Grade = 0
8th Grade = 20 11th Grade = 29
3rd Grade = 0    
6th Grade = 23
9th Grade = 25 12th Grade = 35

Openings for the 2017-2018 school will be posted in late Spring. To learn more, see the Limited School of Choice page HERE (or @ Parents & Community ==> Full-Day Kindergarten)


4. Academy 21 Virtual/Hybrid School Enrollment (Macomb County residents)

hp-probook-11-ee-g1Academy 21 is not your typical virtual school. It is a fully-mentored HYBRID school offering a blend of both on-premise and offsite learning experiences.  CLPS has UNLIMITED OPENINGS FOR ACADEMY 21 - Applications are accepted through September 8, 2017. For more information, see the Academy 21 Enrollment Page: HERE (or @ Parents & Community ==> Academy 21 Enrollment)


5. Early Childhood (Pre-K) Options (Macomb County residents)

Center Line Public Schools have many options for Early Childhood (Preschool) Education, including Tuition-based Preschool, 4 Year Old (All Day), GSRP, ECSE, and Child Care.  For a form information, see the ECC information page: HERE (or @ Parents & Community ==> Early Childhood)


6. Homeschool Partnership (Elective Classes Only; for Macomb County residents)

Home-School-LogoOur Homeschool Partnership provides elective courses for children grades 1-12 both on site and in the community. Seated , on-line and community resource classes provide a broad range of learning opportunities to meet a variety of interests.  If you child is homeschooled, and you would like to learn more, please see our Homeschool Partnership page, HERE (or @ Schools ==> Homeschool Partnership)