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Tuesday, 5/31/2016
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Mission Statement

The mission of Center Line Public Schools is to provide all students relevant and challenging learning experiences to inspire success and empower them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

2015 Centerline Board of Education

Standing left to right: Karen Harrington, Henry Newnan, Darrell Vickers, Gary Gasowski.
Seated left to right: Dee Lindeman, Karen Pietrzyk, Pamela Grey-Pugliese.

2016 Board of Education

The Center Line Board of Education is a seven-member board comprised of community members who are responsible for the education of public school students within the Center Line school district.  The Board of Education sets the vision for the district through goals, policies and strategic planning.  The Board of Education also approves the annual budget in June, following public hearings.  The Board and Superintendent are responsible for a $33 million annual budget servicing 2700 students in 6 buildings.

The Board of Education is responsible for hiring and evaluating the Superintendent of Schools.  The Superintendent is responsible for executing the policies set by the Board and for all operations in the school district.  The Superintendent and Board evaluations are completed in March each year.

Board members serve six year terms with elections even years in November.  The annual Board of Education Organizational meeting is held in January when Board Officers are elected and Committee responsibilities are assigned.   Vacancies on the Board are filled by appointment by the remaining Board members.  Newly appointed Board members serve until the next scheduled Board election.

Ms. Karen Pietrzyk - President
Mr. Gary Gasowski - Vice President

Ms. Dee Lindeman - Secretary

Mr. Darrell Vickers - Treasurer
Ms. Pamela Grey-Pugliese - Trustee
Ms. Karen Harringon - Trustee
Mr. Henry Newnan - Trustee


BOE Committee Assignments