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Friday, 12/19/2014
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Darrell Vickers
First Elected May 2007
Term ends December 31, 2014

Darrell and his wife Cheryl have three children and have lived in the district for fourteen years.  Their daughter, Nicole, is a 2007 graduate of Center Line High School and obtained her Masters Degree in Social Work in 2013. Their son, Darrell, is a 2010 graduate and their daughter, Amber, is a 2013 graduate of Center Line High School.

Darrell and his wife are proud grandparents to a wonderful grandson, Darrell Jr.

The Vickers families are members of Trinity Lutheran Church and School.  They are very active in community needs programs and help supply dinners to hundreds of people every month through their church.  Darrell opened the doors to the Center Line Public Schools Clothes Closet in 2009.  By offering free clothing, the Clothes Closet helps families facing economic challenges.

Darrell has served on the Bid Opening, District Safety, Sites and Facilities, Community Service, and Finance Committees.   He is a Certified Board Member through the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB).

Vice President

Karen Pietrzyk
First Elected May 2008
Term ends December 31, 2014

Karen has been a lifelong resident of Center Line, residing with her husband John of thirty three years on the same street she grew up on.  All four of their children graduated from Center Line and three of the four now reside in the school district with their families.  Five of their seven grandchildren attend Center Line Public Schools.  The school district and the community have always been of great importance to Karen.

Karen volunteered in the Moms' and Dads' Club for over thirteen years, while serving on their board for six years.  This is a club of parents raising money to help students by purchasing items that are financially impossible for the district.  With the hard work and dedication of parents this club will continue to purchase extras to help our students achieve on the field or in the classroom.

Karen is the president of a third generation family business.

Karen is grateful for the chance to serve on the Board of Education for Center Line Public Schools and will continue to promote a positive vision for the district.


Pamela Grey-Pugliese
First Elected May 2009
Term ends December 31, 2016

Pamela is a mother of two children who attend Center Line Public Schools.  She was born and raised in Warren and graduated from East Detroit High School.  Pamela attended Macomb Community College for Broadcast Media and Communications.  She has worked in several media capacities including print, TV, radio, and marketing.  She is a free-lance writer for the Thumb Print News publication.  She serves as the current Marketing and Design Director for J.M. Chiesa Services.  She is attending Macomb Community College for her Continuing Education Classes in Writing and Business Administration.

As a Center Line Public Schools Board of Education member, Pamela has completed her Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) Level I CBA certification and is currently taking classes and seminars for Level II.

Pamela is a nature lover, loves organic foods and gardening, and spends most of her free time with her two children and Boxer, Daisey, in Northern Michigan.  She is an avid reader of biographies, fiction law novels, and education legislation periodicals.

Pamela has a passion for the education of today's children at all levels.  Her goals are to be an open line of communication for all parents and community members in the Center Line district.  She feels that knowledge in all areas of the district including economic trends, financial status, educational trends, and diversity play a huge part in helping to make choices and achieve the very best for this district.  Pamela is proud to be a part of the Center Line school district as she values the entire teaching and administrative staff at all of the buildings.



Dee Lindeman
First Elected May 2010
Term ends December 31, 2018

Dee and her husband, Ken, have lived in the district for over 17 years and have three children; Brian, Tyler and Katie.

A 1981 graduate of Berkley High School, Dee has over 90 credit hours toward her Bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration.  Since taking office in 2010, she has achieved a Level 3 Certification through the Michigan Association of School Board's continuing education program and holds both their Advocacy and Data Certifications.  Dee firmly believes that if you are not continually learning, then you are just standing still in life.

A very vocal advocate for education in Michigan, Dee has been known to go to extremes to get her point across to our legislators; even going so far as to pitch a tent on the Capitol lawn in the dead of winter to protest cuts in education.  As a result, Dee was named Dan Mulhern, Michigan's First Gentleman's, "Everyday Leader of 2009."


Chris Doebler, Trustee


 Gary Gasowski
First Elected May 1985
Term ends December 31, 2016

Gary and his wife, Jill, have lived in the Center Line Public School District over 25 years.  They have six children - Nathan, Heather, Nicole, Sarah, Emily and McKenzie.

Gary has served as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President, President, and Trustee of the Center Line Board of Education.  Gary has also taken numerous classes to become more knowledgeable in Board related matters and has accumulated over 2,200 educational credits earning the President's Award from the Michigan Association of School Boards (only seven other Board members in the state have earned this honor).

He is employed by Oakland County where he counsels young people and develops community-based programs for families.  He has been on the part-time faculty of Macomb Community College and Oakland Community College.


Henry Newnan
First Elected May 2010
Term Ends December 31, 2018

Henry is a taxpayer and single man who has worked or lived in Warren for more than twenty years.  Born in Detroit, he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1980 and received three Summa Cum Laude Associates from Macomb Community College in Communication Arts.  Henry has worked in several media capacities in Michigan including graphic design, website design, newsletter publishing, and video production.

Providing top-flight educational opportunities for our kids at every level is Henry's top priority.  In the end, he feels that each of us is responsible for what we make of our lives.  Since fortune favors the prepared, he encourages students to be diligent and develop brave hearts.  Having a career and college focus from an early age is key to a child's later success in our competitive world.

Henry is self-employed as a graphic designer and as an estate trustee.  He is also an Executive Committee Member of the South East Michigan Group of the Sierra Club.  He brings his environmental and business perspectives to his role as a Center Line Public Schools Trustee.  Henry has earned the Award of Distinction through the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB).

Henry's goals are to build the health of our community by supporting student achievement and our district.  The Center Line School District is an exceptionally good place for students to be.