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Monday, 11/24/2014

May 2014 Staff Appreciation



Sandra Cornell:  ECC Speech Pathologist
Nominated by Shelia O’Kane

Relationships & Innovation


Support staff is important at every grade level, but can certainly require some innovation when working with children between 2 ½ and 5 years of age. Sandy works with children through our walk-in speech program, our ECSE, Head Start, GSRP and tuition-based classrooms. Each of our little darlings is nurtured and supported throughout their time with Sandy in a way that meets their individual needs academically, socially, emotionally and physically. In addition, collaboration with classroom teachers to integrate curriculum in speech therapy and speech therapy into the classrooms is accomplished daily. Clever ways to use inexpensive resources to improve gross and fine motor skills and engage students is apparent every time you see Sandy working her magic with students. Enthusiasm for learning permeates her room and her cooperative, positive personality infuses our building. As much as her expertise is appreciated during the day, Sandy consistently volunteers for our evening events, supporting our children throughout the year, from Fall Festival to our awesome Spring Concert. Sandy is a treasured member of our team.


Mary Rimpela ECC/SACC

Nominated by Tyra R. Smith-Dean, Parent of Aniya and Aaliyah Dean


 I have had the opportunity and pleasure of knowing “Mrs. Mary” for the past three years when by daughter was entering Kindergarten at Roose.  Mrs. Mary’s personality was so inviting.  She made me and my daughter feel welcome and at ease with our “new endeavor” of entering Kindergarten.  I had numerous questions regarding School Aged Child Care (SACC); no one outside of my immediate family had ever watched after my daughter.  One thing I will never forget, Mrs. Mary gave me her cell phone number so that I could call to check up on my daughter.  I never told her, but at that very moment I knew that she definitely had my daughter’s best interest at heart; and at that very moment, I began to admire her. I now have my youngest daughter also attending SACC.  I can honestly say, “My children absolutely love and adore Mrs. Mary.”  Every morning, my children engage in some form of arts & craft activity.  For the past 3 years, I’ve received the best Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween and Mother’s Day gifts from my girls. Mrs. Mary is consistent, always at work and simply loves the children she services.  And for that, I am forever grateful.  My children have created amazing memories with Mrs. Mary that will last a lifetime!  I humbly ask that Mrs. Mary Rimpela be awarded Center Line Public Schools Appreciation Award.  She is definitely deserving of this honor.  I would whole-heartedly recommend parents to enroll their children in SACC, just to experience the love my children have been shown from Mrs. Mary.

Mary Stein: Custodian

Nominated by Colleen Miller



Mary Stein always makes people feel like they are so special.  The students will flock to her when they see her.  She remembers their names and what is going on in their lives.  You will hardly ever find Mary in her office during her work hours.  She is always busy cleaning, moving classrooms, answering distress calls from teachers, WIC, Center Line Home School Partnership, Head Start, the sewing ladies and anyone else that needs her.  She will do anything she is asked to by our staff, and a lot of things we don't realize need to be done until she does them!  Mary is always there to help other buildings when they don't have a custodian.  All the schools love her so much we at the ECC are afraid we will lose her to another building! Not only is Mary a hard worker during her work hours, she comes in the evenings to participate in our family events.  Whether it is Math Night, Movie Night, or Science Night, she volunteers to help and brings with her a great smile and her winning attitude. Mary is a dedicated, funny, and faithful employee.



Janis Byrn: Principal

Nominated by





Yvonne Beauchaine:  Teacher

Nominated by Michele Yankee



Yvonne demonstrates an inner strength with kindness and a soft spoken nature.  Mrs. Beauchaine always 'seeks to understand than to be understood'  in her role as a teacher, and as our Safety and Service Squad Sponsor working with upper elementary students as they experience an authentic leadership role with our students and parent community.  Yvonne Beauchaine is industrious, practices integrity, honesty, always seeking to be proactive. She is an integral asset to our school and one we are proud to call our 'Peck own'.


Sharon Borowicz and Rosie Broughton – Staff

Nominated by Marjorie Wemyss



Rosie Broughton and Sharon Borowicz-These ladies are the heart of Peck Elementary.  They multi-task well beyond multi-tasking!  The office is such a busy place and Rosie and Sharon work hard every day.  These ladies take care of our families and their children, our principal, and our staff.  Thank you for everything that you do daily!


Eric Ross:  Teacher

Nominated by Michele Yankee



Eric Ross is our physical education teacher.  Just as he teaches our students to be part of a team, he is the ultimate team player.  Mr. Ross is always supportive seeking win-win solutions as we synergize towards becoming a Leader In Me Lighthouse School.  Mr. Ross coordinates the Jump Rope for Heart competition for our students for the American Heart Association where everyone is a winner; as well as our annual Field Day event each year.  Mr. Ross is reliable, respectful, and always kind-hearted.  He is the quintessential gentleman.


Roger Sebastian- Custodian

Nominated by Marjorie Wemyss



Roger continues to "take care" of Peck Elementary in a phenomenal manner.  He consistently and continually cleans our building well.  Peck Elementary is often complimented on building cleanliness-that is all due to Roger.  He is creative fixing/repairing things-anything.  Roger has great ideas and is a great custodian.  Thank you Roger!


Michelle Yankee –Interim Principal

Nominated by Marjorie Wemyss



Michelle came in to Peck Elementary in January.  She took over the principalship position and became our interim principal.    She came to us with lots of experience as a principal and it showed!  First Michelle stepped back and listened, she followed this with support and knowledge, and finally and most importantly she saw things through until resolution.  This took hard work and perseverance, and she daily met that challenges of being a principal at Peck Elementary.  Thank you Michelle for giving us here at Peck your all!



Shannon McBrady: Principal

Nominated by

Innovation and Relationships


Christa McKinley: Teacher

Nominated by Judy Chapman and Susan Croskey – Roose Teachers



Christa is the unsung hero of our building. She quietly handles so much and so professionally. It is amazing to me how much she deals with, along with meeting the needs of all her IEP'd student's.  She is very well-organized and so calm and cool.  She takes her job very seriously.  The students respond well to her.  She is a team player and works well with the classroom teachers. 


Carrie Miller: Teacher

Nominated by Jasmine and Kenyatta Calhoun



Mrs. Miller helps Kenyatta understand things that are needed for her to understand.  She calls and informs me of Kenyatta’s mishaps and behaviors.  She is a perfect teacher and I’m so lucky that she teaches my daughter.


Mr. Newman: Teacher

Nominated by Daunte James, student


 Mr. Newman makes gym fun and educational with new ideas we never expected.  I work my muscles that I don’t know I have.  Mr. Newman is awesome! 

Annette Pearcy: Secretary

Nominated by Denise Walker and Sasha Love


Mrs. Pearcy always goes the extra mile to assist my daughter and me.  She is very professional when seeking alternatives to help our family.  We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Mrs. Williamson: Teacher

Nominated by Jaymie Hamilton, Student



I think she should get the award. For one she’s my teacher but the best thing is she’s a kind, helping, amazing teacher and that’s from my heart.  I want her to be my teacher forever because I don’t want her to leave my side.  My teacher is a touching person and I respect that.  Sometimes she does perseverance and that’s why I think she should get the award. 



Pam Perry: School Aid

Nominated by Shannon Mydlowski Wolfe Teacher


I would like to nominate Pam Perry.  She works with me at Wolfe Middle School as the CI classroom aide (special education).  She is always dedicated to helping and taking care of the students with and without disabilities.  She has been very helpful to me for 10 years.  I really appreciate her help and I know the students do too.


Laura Phy-Daly: Teacher

Nominated by Rich Ohngren High School Teacher



Laura fosters relationships in every classroom that she teaches in.  Ask any student that has ever had Mrs. Phy-Daly as a teacher and they will tell you that she cared not only about how well they were doing in school, but how well they were doing in life.  On numerous occasions Mrs. Phy-Daly has been the one teacher that students felt comfortable sharing their 'life' problems with.  She creates a safe environment for all students no matter their educational, economic or ethnic background.




Teryn Kennedy: Teacher

Nominated by John Grob High School Teacher



Ms. Kennedy has really developed and refined some of the finer points of pedagogy.  For example, her questioning techniques coupled with her high expectations of student output.  All in all - a joy to observe.


Connie Minter: Custodian

Nominated by Sandee Miesch CLHS Secretary



Connie Minter has the amazing ability to establish relationships with the staff, students, and parents of CLHS.  Connie is kind, caring and always willing to lend a hand whether it falls under her job description or not.  I cannot tell you the countless times Connie has cheerfully and without question come to the rescue when there is a spill, dripping blood, and event set up or a crying child (or staff member for that matter).  She greets you with a smile and a “What do you need today?” every day!  She doesn’t ask why only where, she doesn’t judge only accepts.  She has this incredible ability to make you feel like the most important person in her day.


Connie that you for all you do for CLHS, the staff, the students, and this district but most importantly, thank you!


Autumn Willard: Teacher

Nominated by Rich Ohngren High School Teacher



Autumn is always looking for new ways to improve instruction in not only her classroom, but in her entire department.  She recently won a grant that she used to pay for a common core based curriculum called History's Mysteries.  Not only did she use this to purchase units for her World History class, but she also purchased units that would be helpful in U.S. History, a class that she doesn't even teach.  As a department head, Autumn is always approachable and open to help her fellow teachers improve their instructional practices.


T & M


Laurie Maher, Donna Olceski, Shirley Seefried: Transportation

Nominated by Shelia O’Kane – ECC Principal



Laurie, Donna and Shirley contribute to student success every day by greeting everyone with a friendly smile, kind words and an infectious positive attitude. The patience needed to help young 3 and 4 year old children to and from school is nothing short of gargantuan. But did you know, they support Blessings in a Backpack by helping our tiny tots with getting their blessings on and off the bus, making sure they get to the parents at the bus stop and taking the big bulky bins that may not fit in most vehicles home on Friday to save the district time and money by returning them that day? Then, they make sure the bins come back to the district on Monday to serve their purpose time and time again. I wanted them to know that I appreciate that, and I wanted others to know that it’s the little, thoughtful contributions that add up to huge success! Thank you ladies!