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School Associated Cases of COVID-19

MCL 333.2253 requires that "Within 24 hours of being notified by a local health department of School Associated Case(s), the School must provide Public Notice to the School Community in a highly visible location on the School’s website that covers the impacted building or location. Schools are encouraged to provide information about measures in place at the School to prevent transmission of COVID-19, as well as measures that individuals can take to prevent transmission."
Link to Center Line Public Schools' School Associated Cases of COVID-19

Due to HIPAA privacy laws and in accordance with our administrative guidelines and procedures, Center Line Public Schools, in collaboration with the Macomb County Health Department, will only communicate confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a school building, student event/activity, or district-sponsored function. Notification of confirmed cases will be shared via letters and/or emails to families within the building or connected to an event. Names of those impacted (whether it is a student, employee, district approved volunteer, or guest/spectator) will not be shared. All contact tracing will be handled confidentially by the Macomb County Health Department.

In an effort to protect student and employee privacy rights, we respectfully encourage everyone not to spread rumors or false information. The health and safety of everyone is important, and trust that we will work as a community to support each other as we face this pandemic together.

Center Line Public Schools has established practices and procedures that address the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  Staff and students are required to wear masks and social distance.  Class sizes have been reduced to minimize the number of students in the classroom and maximize the distance between individuals. Buildings have established cleaning and disinfecting schedules. Each room has an ample supply of hand soap and/or hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer stations are located in entryways, hallways, and cafeterias. Students have been educated on the symptoms of COVID-19 and have been directed to stay home if they are feeling ill.  Schools are working closely with our families to communicate concerns and ask questions if they are uncertain how to address an ill child.

For additional information on measures CLPS is taking to keep our staff and students safe, please refer to our COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan.