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The mission of Center Line Public Schools is to provide all students relevant and challenging learning experiences to inspire success and empower them to be the leaders of tomorrow.
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Bond Schedule Overview

The Center Line Public Schools 2017 Bond Projects will be funded through three bond sales, which are tentatively planned as follows:


Series #1 – Funded Feb. 2018

Series #2 – Funded May 2020

Series #3 – Funded May 2023


Design, planning, and engineering of Series #1 projects will begin in December 2017. The projects included in this series are as follows:

  • New Peck Elementary School (constructed on the high school campus)
  • High School Improvements including:
  • Mechanical system upgrades in the natatorium
  • Technology Equipment: Lighting and sound system improvements in the auditorium
  • Partial roof replacement
  • Relocation of running track
  • Sitework improvements to accommodate new running track
  • Classroom Technology Equipment
  • Wolfe Middle School


Prior to the initiation of construction, the architects, engineers and construction manager need time to design, plan and engineer the projects. This complex process involves in depth collaboration with multiple stakeholder groups to ensure that overall District goals and objectives are met and needs are incorporated. Project programmatic information will be gathered and defined, existing site and building conditions will be evaluated and surveyed, and initial design solutions will be developed. These design solutions will progressively develop and become more detailed and refined, incorporating District input along the way.


Eventually a final design solution will be reached and approval will be received from the District. Once the final design solution approval is granted, detailed construction documents will be developed, which will be used to obtain construction approval from the State of Michigan, competitive bids as well as for constructing the project.


The tentative schedule for the Series #1 projects is as follows:

  • New Peck Elementary School
  • Design/Planning Phases: 12/17 – 10/18
  • Bidding: 11/18 – 12/18
  • Construction: 5/19 – 7/20
  • High School – Natatorium Mechanical, Auditorium Lighting, Partial Roofing
  • Design/Planning Phases: 12/17 – 3/18
  • Bidding: 4/18 – 5/18
  • Construction: 6/18 – 10/18
  • High School – Relocate Running Track
  • Design/Planning Phases: 12/17 – 3/18
  • Bidding: 4/18 – 5/18
  • Construction: 6/18 – 10/18
  • Technology Equipment
  • Design/Planning Phases: 2/18 – 4/18
  • Bidding: 5/18 – 6/18
  • Procurement: 7/18 – 10/18