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CLPS Understands that Relationships Matter 
For years, schools have operated under zero tolerance policies. Years of data has been collected and analyzed. The strict policies didn’t minimize the number of infractions. The opposite happened—suspensions increased, and most importantly, they didn’t change the behavior.
CLPS understands the importance of getting to know our students and creating a positive environment that is built on respect and responsibility. Through research and trainings, such as Classroom Instruction that Works, Positive Behavior Interventions, Leader in Me, Conscious Discipline and Growth Mindsets, we have looked for strategies and tools that will help us create the positive culture that helps us teach our students the lifeskills necessary to empower them to be the leaders of tomorrow. All of this research is founded on the belief that relationships matter.
The state of Michigan is the latest state to implement new legislation that went into effect August 1st. The law focuses on creating clear expectations and insuring consequences are equitable and use proven methods that aim to change the behavior.
You may have heard about Restorative Practices or Restorative Justice. The new law in Michigan requires schools to consider Restorative Practices before suspensions. This does not apply to serious infractions, such as weapons. The objective of Restorative Practices is to be proactive in building and managing relationships within the community, and restore those relationships when they are harmed by conflict. The use of strategies such as affective statements, circles, or class meetings and conflict resolution are examples of these proven methods—all strategies that are happening in our schools.
CLPS sent a team to an in-depth training on Restorative Practices with the other county districts. Another team attended an in-depth training in Conscious Discipline (which uses restorative practices) this summer! Your colleagues are excited to share what they have learned. The staff in Center Line Public Schools operates under the fundamental belief that relationships matter and we will continue to use practices that restore relationships, and teach responsibility and self-confidence to our students.