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Prepaid Monies to Accounts -

Prepaid Lunch Information
Advanced Payment Program &
2019-2020 School Year
We will be offering to you again this year the opportunity to put money on your child’s lunch account in advance. The monies deposited to their account can be used to purchase "milk only - $.50" or A-la-Carte items at Center Line High School or Wolfe Middle School. No charging will be allowed.  There are two options available - Advanced Payment Program and The following explains how each option works.
Option #1 - Advanced Payment Program
  • The student simply brings in a check or cash and gives to the Cashier for deposit into their lunch account. This can be done either daily, weekly, monthly, or longer if you prefer.
Option #2 -
  • You will need your student's 10-digit ID number to set up this account for deposits or purchase history viewing. This is the number on the student's ID card. Elementary students, however, do not have ID cards so you may obtain this number by contacting the Food Service Department at (586) 510-2000.
  • Upon approval, this site allows credit card deposits to be made into the student's account for purchases in the school meals program. There is a $2.00 service fee per transaction when using to make your deposits. The student's seven-day purchase history, as well as account activity, is also accessible at this site, whether you make a deposit or not. You must, however, sign up to view this information.
The use of will help speed up the lunch service as no cash or checks are handled by the cashier as the students are being served.
Creating a New Account
Part 1:
2. Click on Create a new account
3. Provide requested information
4. Once you have read and agree with the terms of use click the I agree check box
5. Click the Create Account button
6. A confirmation email will be sent to you
Part 2:
7. Check your email
8. Click the provided link
9. Enter your email and password
10. Click the Login button
11. Start typing the name of your school district
12. When you district is displayed click on it
13. Click on the Add a student to your account button
14. Enter the student’s ID number and click continue
15. If the ID number is valid you will be asked for your child’s first name, last name and birthday
16. Once entered click the Add Student button
17. To add additional students click the Add a student to your account button again
Viewing Balances and Activity
2. Sign in to your account
3. All students assigned to this account will be displayed with their balances
4. To view history click the View Activity button next to the student’s name
Making A Deposit
2. Sign in to your account
3. Click the Make A Deposit button
4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit for each student
5. Click the Check Out button