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Weekly Newsletter

Week On: July 10-13, 2017


Kindergarten Transition - Mrs. Davis and Ms. Perlaki

The first week has flown by as we have all been working on routines and getting comfortable with school.  Each day the kids have been involved in an active curriculum of games, songs and activities aimed at developing pre-reading and early writing skills, all while having fun and meeting new friends.  We have also been assessing skills in the areas of ABC’s and hearing letter sounds in words.  We will assess again in 5 weeks, and we will pass this information onto you and your child’s teacher.  Other skills we will introduce this summer are letter and sound identification, name writing, concepts of print, colors, shapes and rhyming.

Come, Learn and Play Science - Mrs. Barbieri

Welcome to summer school!  We will start off talking about living and nonliving things.  Students will explore the classroom, as well as outside for items that are living and nonliving.  We will also discuss what living things need in order to grow and survive.


Come, Learn and Play Literacy - Ms. Alfoldy

I’m excited to welcome you to Summer School 2017! It was so much fun last year, that I had to come back for another summer full of fun learning! Please feel free to email me with questions and/or celebrations at

Our focus skills this first week were sequencing and inferring while reading. We practiced them through think alouds and center activities. We also reviewed sight words, sentence building, and creative writing during these centers. Each week will be similar to this week with focus skills and center activities. It’s going to be a great summer!


Come, Learn and Play Math - Mrs. Hamilton

We dove right into reviewing our math facts by practicing problems on our white boards, using flashcards, and playing a grab and match card game. We also took a pre and post test. We will do this every week! These tests focus on operations and algebraic thinking so look for those scores at the beginning of each week. It is going to be a great summer!


Inquiring Minds Science - Mrs. Croskey

We are learning about genetics and variations in traits. Students will be observing plants and animals and noting the variations between species. We are also observing weather with our Roose Weather Station and recording data. We will practice using a thermometer to record daily highs and lows as part of measurement in science.


Inquiring Minds Literacy -  Mr. Landoski

We will be writing to various writing prompts this week. We will also be reading nonfiction texts, about the world of sports, in the form of internet pages, newspapers, magazine articles, and brochures.


Inquiring Minds Math - Mr. Flanigan

Students got right to work with learning the order of operations.  This is a great way to practice ALL of their adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and exponents!  The focus will be to explore a systematic process for figuring out lengthy equations. Feel free to contact me at