3rd-Party Web Accessibility

Center Line Public Schools makes every effort to insure all digitally provided content, directly relating to ours programs, is web accessible.
All digital content providers are reviewed for accessibility prior to purchase and asked to provide an accessibility statement.  This page holds a collection of 3rd-party content provider accessibility statements when provided.
The MISD provides many systems for Center Line Public Schools including, but not limited to the following:
Additional Digital Content Providers:
  • Edlio Web Accessibility
  • Google Workspace User Guide to Accessibility
  • STMath math intervention system: "All touch interactions are large hit areas with high tolerance for motor control accuracy. No response time limits are imposed nor are fast reaction times required to complete the puzzles. For hearing impaired, no auditory components are required to solve the puzzles in ST Math. In fact, sounds are kept to a minimum to reduce distractions. High contrast visuals are used for students with low contrast sensitivity. Language is kept at a minimum, and when used, large high-contrast fonts are employed. All color differentiation is accompanied by luminance and texture differences so that color vision is not required. The visual interfaces are clean and free from distractions. When animating, temporal frequencies known to be problematic for people with photo-sensitive epilepsy are strictly avoided."
  • Texthelp Read & Write - provides accessibility supports for students that struggle with text, including students with vision impairments 
  • Turninit English language arts (ELA) tools
Page updated Fall 2021