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Bus Safety

Center Line Pubic Schools Bus Safety Rules/Regulations


Student Expectations:

  • Be respectful; obey driver and posted safety rules.
  • Remain seated and stay facing forward. Keep the aisle clear.
  • Use appropriate language and your indoor voice.
  • Place your trash in the garbage can.
  • Keep hands and feet inside the bus and to yourself.
  • No food or drink on the bus.
  • Drivers or administrators have the authority to assign seats to students.
  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before your scheduled pick up and respect private property.
  • At arrival and dismissal, quickly and safely board your assigned bus.
  • Wait for bus to come to a complete stop. Always cross in front of the bus and use crosswalks where available.


CLPS is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage to any valuables brought onto the bus.  Destruction of school bus property is grounds for losing bus privileges, and parents will be billed for damages.


Bus transportation is a privilege. Adherence to guidelines will allow students to access this privilege. 


Progressive Discipline for Bus Misconduct

  • 1st Misconduct – Warning letter mailed to parent/guardian, copied to building principal and CFO
  • 2nd Misconduct – Meeting with child and social worker/counselor or principal/transportation Coordinator or CFO and phone call to parent/guardian
  • 3rd Misconduct –Bus Suspension


Based on the Student Code of Conduct, there are certain instances that would result in immediate suspension of bus privileges.




Rev. 10/15/18