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Flyer Approval Process

Center Line Public Schools periodically receives requests from various organizations to distribute informational or promotional materials on district property.  In order to minimize intrusions on the time of students and employees that result from such distribution, organizations must submit an application sheet along with a final PDF version of the flyer to [email protected]. The Superintendent will review and approve materials for which a request for distribution has been received before distribution occurs.

In accordance with Board Policy 7004 and 7008, in order to be accepted for distribution, materials may not be obscene, indecent, or vulgar; advocate illegal activities, violence, or hate; contain libelous or defamatory information; discriminate or contain bias toward any individual´s race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious or ethnic identity; be likely to cause substantial disruption of or material interference with discipline or the education of students in the school in which the material is posted or distributed; promote, favor, or oppose a candidate for elected office or a ballot measure; or, advocate religion or a particular faith or religious viewpoint.

Additionally, advertising on School District premises or by School District students or personnel is prohibited unless, in the sole judgment of the Superintendent, the advertisement benefits the School District, school, student population, or specific student activity; is consistent with the School District´s Wellness policy; and/or is consistent with an exclusive agreement entered into between the School District and the advertiser.

All materials approved for distribution on District property must include the following statement:

This event/activity/offer is not sponsored by Center Line Public Schools.  The school district assumes no responsibility for the conduct or safety of persons attending or participating in the event/activity/offer.