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The Graduate Profile

What should a high school diploma represent?  In partnership with community business partners, parents, staff, and students, Center Line Public Schools committed to answering this question and developed a profile of necessary skills that every graduate must possess to be ready for life after high school.  Reading, writing, and mathematics have always been considered fundamental skills for life; however, business and industry employers are looking for dispositions beyond the basic skills.  The skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership will prepare Center Line students for diverse experiences and jobs across career fields.

In 2018, the Center Line High School Business Advisory Board began identifying skills needed across various fields.  The high school academy teams followed the same process.  All of these skills were compiled and presented to the Advisory Board, where consensus was used to determine that our portrait of a graduate would include the dispositions of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and leadership.  From there, staff and business partners were asked to define these skills and competency statements were developed.  The process continued with input from staff and community partners to describe what these skills look like in practice and performance indicators were identified and agreed upon for each of the four skills.  In the winter of 2019, a team of teachers representing kindergarten through high school developed a K-12 continuum of learning targets for each of our graduate profile competencies.  This continuum was taken back to the Business Advisory Board for approval and rubrics for use by students, staff, and businesses were created to support the implementation.  

It is our goal that every classroom is a positive and welcoming learning environment.  Buildings will continue to establish cultures that promote respect, responsibility, and safety.  Staff will teach, model, and practice acceptable school procedures.  The Graduate Profile skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and leadership will be the specific focus and intentionally taught and assessed at each level in 2021-22.  In a continued partnership with businesses, CLPS will work on creating additional opportunities for students to use these skills in career-focused experiences. 

graduate profile