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Academy 21 Enrollment Information

Academy 21 is not your typical virtual school. It is a fully-mentored hybrid school offering a blend of both on-premise and offsite learning experiences in grades kindergarten through twelve. This program is FREE, and computer access is provided.

  • Who can enroll?
    • Center Line Public Schools students, grades K-12. 
    • School of Choice for Macomb and neighboring county residents, grades K-12. (Eligibility based on review of student discipline records.)
  • When is enrollment?
    • Twice per year at semester time.
      • CLPS students: Policy requires that parents contact the student's school counselor and/or principal before scheduling a program interest meeting at Academy 21.*
      • School of Choice students: A program interest meeting is required before an application may be submitted. Call 586-510-2062 to schedule a meeting during the school of choice window.*
     * = Depending on available space, students may be placed on a wait list.


SCHOOL OF CHOICE for 2020-21 begins February 10.

If you would like to learn about the program and determine if Academy 21 is the right fit for your student's educational needs, call 586-510-2062 to schedule a program interest meeting with the Academy 21 Director.  

 **A PROGRAM INTEREST MEETING must be completed, and your student accepted into the program before registering your student.**