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Asbestos Inspection Notice

In 1989, Clayton Environment Consultants, Inc., conducted inspections in each Center Line school building to determine the location of asbestos containing materials. The results of the inspectors are incorporated into individual building management plans. Copies of the Management Plans are located at the Administration Building, Transportation and Maintenance Building, and at individual school buildings. The Management Plans are available for review upon request.
Center Line Public Schools has performed surveillance of the asbestos contained in each building at the Management Plan calls for every six months. One individual in each school district must be selected to oversee the asbestos-related activities. This individual is referred to as the Designated Person. Center Line Public Schools’ officials selected Mr. Craig Anderson to implement these activities.
Asbestos-related activities will continue as renovations of buildings occur in the future.
All questions and concerns should be directed to Mr. Craig Anderson, Supervisor of Transportation and Maintenance at Center Line Public Schools - (586) 510-2090.