Returning Student Enrollment

All parents/guardians are expected to go through the Registration Gateway website ( to update their student(s) information.  This process involves updating information on a few forms and introducing you to agreements, handbooks, and policies.  Please make sure your email and phone contact information is correct - our messenger system allows you to have multiple contacts for our emergency alerts.

If you are having difficulty with this process, please call the buildingin which your child(ren) are enrolled:

  • Center Line High School - Ms. Garrison - 586-510-2105
  • Wolfe Middle School - Ms. Bliss - 586-510-2300, Option 3
  • Early Childhood Center - Ms. Durka - 586-510-2800
  • Crothers Elementary - Ms. Westermann - 586-510-2400
  • Peck Elementary - Ms. Parker - 586-510-2600
  • Roose Elementary - Ms. Schneeburger or Ms. Key - 586-510-2700
  • Academy 21 - Ms. Ballard 586-510-2062

Secondary Parents: 

Please be aware that your student(s) will not be able to pick up schedules or information on Panther Days (Center Line High School), or Academy 21 orientation if this process has not been completed.  Additonally, Wolfe students will not be issued a Chromebook if this process has not been completed.

Elementary Parents: 
This process must be completed by the first day of school.