Social Media


All CLPS stakeholders can be contributors to the district newsletter, The Center Line Connection, and to our social media channels.  Content can be emailed to Sue Pauling, Social Media Coordinator at  [email protected], or [email protected], or via Google form -  

District Social Media Accounts

Facebook - @CenterLinePS

Twitter -  @CLPublicSchools

LinkedIn -

Instagram - @centerlinepublicschools

You Tube -



School Social Media Accounts

Center Line High School - Facebook -

Instagram: @Academies_of_Center_Line

Wolfe Middle School - Facebook -

Roose Elementary School - Facebook –

Crothers Elementary School - Facebook –

Instagram: @crotherselementary

Peck Elementary School - Facebook -

Early Childhood Center - Facebook - 



Auxiliary Sites @CLHSFireAcademy @CLHS.EMS